Welcome to CV MECH,

We provide a CV writing service;  showcasing your achievements and credentials and drawing on your strengths and experience to accurately reflect your true value to a prospective employer or clients, specific to the sector in which you work.

We also offer cover letters for specific roles either separately or with a CV. We can produce variations for different sectors, and offer electronic or hardcopies as required.

To take advantage of our service please email your existing CV/relevant work history, and an idea of your expectations alongside a return email address or contact number to:CV-MECH@OUTLOOK.COM

Please find our price listing below.


Single CV pricing, 4 day turnaround.

University/College leaver  £38.00

1-6 years experience   £43.00

6+ years experience   £50.00

Cover letter pricing, 3 Day turnaround.

Less than 150 words           £18

Between  150 -250 words   £30

More than 250 words           £38

We look forward to hearing from you.

CV Prices
Uni/School leaver C.V £38.00 GBP
1-6 years experience £43.00 GBP
6+ years experience £50.00 GBP
Cover letter less than 150 words £18.00 GBP
Cover letter between 150 and 250 words £30.00 GBP
Cover letter more than 250 words £38.00 GBP

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